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CD – DVD Services

GEMA offers one of the most complete and up-to-date CD / DVD production and printing services in Greece, through its privately-owned facilities.

We provide:

1. Mastering CD / Authoring DVD.

2. Production lines of CD / CD-ROM.

3. Production lines of DVD / DVD-ROM.

4. Printing house with offset printing line.

5. Offset printing line for CD & DVD.

6. Packaging lines for DVDBOX, JewelBox, Digipack etc.

7. Transportation of your products in the area of your choice.

CD - DVD Services
In detail, the services offered by GEMA.

Our company provides the opportunity to send us the original material
(audio and video files) and create for you the master CD or

To replicate CD’s, all we need from you is the master CD that contains the theme you want to replicate. From this prototype we will build the so-called stamper through the Glass mastering process to fit into the mold and give us the data at exactly the same time that each new CD will be produced from our state-of-the-art machineries.

In the final stages of production, all produced CDs, one by one, are tested by the scanner that they correctly contain and reproduce the data, always in accordance with the master, and are forwarded for printing and the final package before they are delivered.

In our company, we operate with the ultimate goal of simply impressing you.

Specifications CD:

• The optical discs (CDs) have a capacity : CD Audio = 80min

CD-ROM = 700MB

• Disk diameter 120mm

• Disk thickness 1.2 mm

• Disk structure single substrate

• Laser Wave length 780 mm

• Track pitch 1.00mm

• Data levels 1

For playback of DVDs, the same procedure as CDs is followed, except that a DVD is two unified optical discs, so prior to the control process, the integration of these two discs is mediated to create the DVD.

Then the control, printing and packaging steps are the same, with the final result being absolutely correct.

Specifications DVD:

• DVDs are optical discs of the same size as the CD, but with larger capacity: DVD-5 = 4700MB | DVD-9 = 8500MB

• Disk diameter 120mm

• Disk thickness 1.2 mm

• Disk structure 2 bounded 0.6mm substrates

• Laser Wave Length 650/635 mm

• Track pitch 0.74mm

• Data levels 1 έως 2

For the printing of optical discs, our company over the thirty years has invested in a production line with the latest offset printing machines of the German companies KAMMAN and KBA-MePrint AG.

The latest engine technology combined with the highly trained staff of our company guarantee you the desired result.

For the final packaging of your products we provide all of the following options: